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Pro-Line 1:10 Lexan Karosserie Flo-Tek SCT 3355-00

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This is a Flo-Tek Clear Body for Slash®, Slash® 4X4, SC10, XXX-SCT, Ten-SCTE, Ultima SC and Blitz. Introducing the first SC body specifically designed to minimize the short-course body parachute effect! If you have ever raced or bashed a short-course truck, you know that SC bodies act like parachutes when going over jumps, causing you to lose control and crash. Pro-Line's new Flo-Tek SC body features futuristic styling coupled with large vent holes that allow air to flow through eliminating aerodynamic drag. The locations and size of the vents were designed to maximize air flow through the body while keeping the aggressive and high-tech look. Don't get caught in the wind while the competition passes you by Get Pro-Line's new Flo-Tek SC body today!

Also available in a Pre-Cut Version for ease of use!

Also available Pre-Painted in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Just mount and drive!

?On my project truck I went with a Pro-Line Flo-Tek body because it?s design allows air flow through the body and reduces the parachute effect that we see with Short Course bodies. Basically, the truck will jump better and be faster in the straight sections of the track. Again, Pro-Line got me going a little quicker from bench to dirt by having bodies that are already painted and trimmed. A few different color variations are available from Pro-Line and for my project I went with blue, black and white because it does a great job of matching my chassis. Not only is the body trimmed and ready to be mounted, but Pro-Line helps you out by opening up some of the main vents too and the other vents can be opened up if necessary later.? - Radio Control Car Action

This is a direct replacement part for the body that is included with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck kit.

Don't forget to submit your finished Pro-Line Flo-Tek SC body to Reader's Rides when you are done. Who knows, you could get your ride posted on the blog and you could even win a prize!


Please note: All bodies are sold in crystal clear lexan and are painted for advertising purposes only.
Click Here for painting tips

Slash® is a registered trademark of Traxxas® L.P


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#3355-00 Flo-Tek Body Shown on a Pro-Line PRO-2 SC With:


Length:   21.5" (546mm)
Width:   9.25" (235mm)
Height:   6.0" (152mm)
Wheel Base:   12.7" (323mm)

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