44504 - TBR TCS2 Thin Chassis Skid - Pro-Line Pro-MT 4x4

Artikelnummer: TBR44504

TBR44504 - TBR TCS2 Thin Chassis Skid - Pro-Line Pro-MT 4x4

Kategorie: T Bone Racing

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Thin Chassis Skids or TCS2 are designed to give your chassis full protection.
We have updated the design of these skids to mount with the 8 diff screws and have increased the thickness from 0.040" to 0.093" to increase durability!
These skids are only 2.36mm (.093") thick and weigh less than 3 ounces!
The skids come with a durable T-Bone Racing Graphic Vinyl Overlay.

This listing comes with the following for  Pro-Line Pro-MT 4x4:

  • One TBR TCS2 chassis skid

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